IDX Comes Out Of The Box

Designed With IDX In Mind

Traditionally, getting your property listings onto your real estate website has been a colossal pain. First, you need to import them, which can mean filling out reams of MLS paperwork, or worse: entering details manually. Then, you need to keep updating these listings constantly in half a dozen different places, where you risk giving customers wrong or outdated information.

Over the past few years, IDX has made this process a lot simpler by integrating with MLS data to keep your online listings fresh. Still, implementing IDX is easier said than done. Some website platforms don’t support IDX, while others require a separate plugin. Even then, IDX integrations can be buggy.

Luckily, Placester’s themes are built from the ground up with IDX. With Plymouth, there are no plugins to download, no hoops to jump through: your listings just work. Just supply your MLS, and Placester will handle the rest, dealing with all the complicated paperwork and technical challenges.

The fun doesn’t stop at IDX integration, either. For instance, Plymouth automatically generates a unique landing page for each of your listings. The theme also uses your MLS data to organize your properties according to city and neighborhood, making them easier for your visitors to search.

So if you’re struggling to keep up with your listings or suffering constant technology headaches with your current IDX solution, make the switch to Plymouth: you’ll be glad you did.

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